Metalworking of the highest standard

Kniggendorf + Kögler is a family-owned company that has been a supplier to the automotive industry and a manufacturer of security technology for more than 140 years. With this wealth of experience, we have a command of all processes and techniques along the entire metalworking chain and rise to the highly diverse manufacturing challenges which the automotive and engineering industries present us with on a daily basis.

We draw, punch, edge, turn, edga, cut, laser, drill, rivet, weld and coat metal products to any specification and supply items in every product group.

Making up finished products in marketable mixture of materials

Kniggendorf + Kögler supplies the industry with products manufactured entirely in-house, even those made from crossover of metals with non-metallic materials, e. g. plastics. These are supplied in the form a form of finished, completely assembled and packaged products in the required material mix.

New and increasingly high quality standards motivate us to not only introduce a steady stream of new technologoes, but also to retain a constant willingness to learn. Taken in tandem with our uncompromising craftsmanship, this is how we guarntee the highest standards of manufacturing and product quality.

Perfection from prototype to large series production

Prototype or large series production? We do both:

For banks and financial institutions, we manufacture security containers. This means we know all about the high demand of small series production and customised manufacture.

As a supplier to the automotive industry, we not only know the challenges they face, we are also fully conversant with those involved in modern large series production.

And we apply this wealth of experience across the board in every respect - certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, form lasser cutting and punched components through to powder coating and individual packaging.