Kniggendorf + Kögler offers a complete range of metalworking processes. From laser cutting to powder coating surface finishes – and all in-house:

High-quality laser cutting

We have long since mastered the high-quality standard that modern laser processing requires. We process the following materials – laser cutting (3kW, large size) – up to the thicknesses indicated:

  • Steel ST 37: 20mm
  • Stainless steel V2A (Cr, Ni, Sc), oxide-free cut: 12mm
  • Aluminium (Al, Mg): 6mm
  • Maximum sheet size: 2,500mm x 1,250mm


The Kniggendorf + Kögler plant has the following machinery available for your precise punching requirements:

  • Eccentric presses applying 20 to 160 tonnes of pressure and strip-feeding devices
  • Hydraulic presses applying 20 to 80 tonnes of pressure and strip-feeding devices
  • Edge-cleaning deburring unit


For remachining punched blanks, we have CNC-controlled press brakes applying up to 80 tonnes of pressure. Maximum bending edge length is 2,500mm.

Production stages in initial assembly

MIG/MAG welding, WIG welding, gas welding, electric welding, stud welding, spot welding, clinching, rotofinishing, drilling, thread cutting, sawing, riveting, turning and screen print.

Surface finishing technology

The Kniggendorf + Kögler plant has an automated powder varnishing facility, and a powder coating and labelling facility for the surface finishing of manufactured components and end products. Maximum component size: 1,000mm x 500mm x 300mm (HxWxD).

In collaboration with external partners, we additionally offer the following surface processes: electrophoretic (EPD) coating, zinc-nickel, zinc-iron, liquid coating and tin-plating.

Fully assembled, packaged products from a single source

If necessary, Kniggendorf + Kögler supplies the industry itself with products made from non-metallic materials and plastics, with the entire production process carried out in-house. All the way through to the retail-ready, packaged article. Final assembly takes place ‘just in time’::

  • Manufacture of metal work pieces and assembly of semi-finished products, and metal assemblies: K+K
  • Delivery of externally manufactured non-metal parts and semi-finished products and assemblies to K+K
  • Final assembly of metal and non-metal components / assemblies: K+K
  • Packaging and delivery of retail-ready end products: K+K

K+K assured quality standard

K+K has a firmly established and documented quality assurance procedure. This is an obligation the company is pleased to comply with: on the one hand, this is the result of the demands placed on the products we supply to the processing industry; on the other, we regard standardised quality assurance per se as a mainstay of our high-quality products.

One of the tools we use in our sample testing as part of our integrated quality assurance is 3D measurements.

The specification

  • Area to be measured: X 400mm - Y 500mm - Z 350mm (max)
  • Work piece weight: 280kg (max)