Safe bag Deposit

Our deposit system brings together user-friendly operation and the ultimate in security.

Safe keeping of cash

In order to avoid very large cash holdings, it is advisable to keep the excess coin money in a central location safe and secure until collection by a value carrier. K + K offers a deposit system which combines a high level of security and user-friendly operation.

The highest level of security

Gapless documentation, lock function with faulty code input, the nearly indestructible display, 3mm steel and a multi point anchorage in the ground. In addition, opening up by the value transport company is possible only by the principle of double control, and the pickup will receive a record of all payments made.

Technical specifications

  • Voltage 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
  • Magnets 12 V
  • Controller: EEPROM
  • Code memory function in event of power loss
  • Verification of openings and deposits
  • Disable function triggered by erroneous code entries
  • Real-time clock
  • Material thickness: 3mm steel
  • Anchor points (floor anchoring)
  • Total weight 40–50 kg
  • Variable deposit capacity from 1-15 cash bags

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