From concept to Europe-wide sales

The concept of a key drop with no people involved was born out of a gaping security loophole: In the middle of the 90's numerous car producers and dealerships still routinely simply used to place car keys needed outside opening hours in the exhaust pipe, in the wheel arch or on a vehicle tyre. Of course the outcome was not always desirable, so in 2002 out of security concerns leading car manufacturers began to clamour for key drops to be installed.


We responded to these concerns by developing together with our partners in the security industry a key drop with no people involved, as is the practise in bank advice collection systems. In parallel with this we became the first company to be awarded approval for a VDS-checked key drop. This wa the breakthrough, and in 2005 Kniggendorf + Kögler Security GmbH was founded.

Today, we are the market leader each year, with sales of more than 500 devices, and our products are distributed via representatives throughout Europe.

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Over 150 years of quality and innovation

High-quality products and continuous development have a tradition with us. For over 150 years we have been guaranteeing the safety of our customers. In addition to innovative products, excellent customer service is our key to success.