For car dealers, vehicle workshops and vehicle rental companies

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Key Leave&Collect System Model N

The Key Leave&Collect System Model N is a deposit and retrieval safe for items such as keys, documents and valuables. High quality stardarts for our customers.

Key Delivery System

Using the bring&hol (Drop-off & Collect) Key Delivery System, customers can drop off their vehicles for service or repair and collect them again, including outside working hours.

INDOOR key handover system

The new INDOOR key handover system offers your customers the comfortable level of service they have come to expect: Vehicle collection at a time that suits them.

Compartment deposit

From now on, car keys can be handed over outside your normal openinghours. In future, your customers will be able to pick up theirvehicles any time they want, round the clock, without anyrush.

Key Check-out System SAS 8

With the leave&collect key deposit system, you can offer the customers of your dealership a very special additional service. Convenience and quality is our gift to the customers.

Key Transfer System Model S

Your customers can bring and collect their vehicles for maintenance and repair outside of business hours and still keep their keys and paperwork safe. The model S is certified.