Key Safe SB-NDS

For car dealers, vehicle workshops and vehicle rental companies

So they can remain mobile, customers can also pick up or return a rental car for the duration of the repair process at the same time as they drop off and collect their vehicle.

Burglary protection, Security Level B ( according to VDMA 24992)

The smooth casing of the steel cabinet ensures no vulnerable areas. The special double-walled construction in high-quality steel is folded over corners and edges and is electrically welded. A drill-proof plate offers additional protection to the lock and locking mechanism.

Nine models of the K+K Key Safe SB to choose from!

Your keys could not be more secure. In addition, the Key Safe SB is both practical and easy to operate with pull-out, numbered key strips on fully extendable telescopic guides, fully adjustable key hooks (840 to 3979, depending on the model) and a door that, despite being 80 mm thick, can be opened through 180° thanks to its exterior hinges (fittings protrude 65 mm). And last but not least, you can extend your Key Safe SB at will by adding more key strips.


  • 4-wall door, with multiple bent edges of solid high-grade steel, cavities completely filled with a special filling; door opening angle 180°
  • 4-wall, compact body for optimised space inside
  • Locks on 3 sides by solid locking bolts (25 mm) and rigid rear bolts (25 mm) on the hinge side
  • Dual protective mechanism: emergency lock which obstructs the door when forced open, enhanced lock reinforcement
  • Double-bit high security lock with 2 keys (145 mm long), different lock combinations sold separately upon request
  • Floor mounting rig including approved fixing hardware

Further options

  • Mechanical combination lock
  • Electronic lock
  • Pull-out filing cabinet
  • Pull-out compartment shelf
  • Inside safe with barrel lock
  • Inside safe with DB lock
  • Prepared for Key Assistant

Typ Outside HxWxD Inside HxWxD Door HxW Weight
NDS 0 800x700x500 730x617x363 640x540 189 kg
NDS 1 1250x700x500 1180x617x363 1090x540 268 kg
NDS 2 1500x700x500 1430x617x363 1340x540 311 kg
NDS 3 1950x700x500 1880x617x363 1790x540 390 kg
NDS 4 1950x950x550 1880x867x413 1790x790 500 kg
NDS 5 1950x950x550 1844x814x384 1835x840 445 kg
NDS 6 1950x1260x550 1844x1124x384 1835x1094 560 kg

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