Key Safe SB

For car dealers, vehicle workshops and vehicle rental companies

Burglary protection

Security Level B in accordance with VDMA 24992 (as of 05/1995), with a smooth casing that ensures no vulnerable areas. Lock and locking mechanism protected by a drill-proof plate

Fire protection

Door and walls filled with fire-resistant insulation in accordance with DIN 4102. All?round fire-proof door seam. Protection against minor fires.


Special double-walled construction from high-quality steel, folded over corners and edges, electrically welded. Door 80 mm thick with exterior hinges that allow it to be opened through 180°. Fittings protrude by 65 mm. Interior fitted with pull-out key panels on fully extendable telescopic guides. All panels have key strips on both sides, except the last which has them only on the front.
Numbered key strips with fully adjustable metal hooks, extendable by fitting additional key strips. Cabinets with 840 – 3979 key hooks.

Accessories (sold separately)

  • ZKS combination lock instead of the standard double-bit lock
  • EZ Bas. electronic combination lock, surface-fitted keypad
  • ZKS combination lock in addition to the standard double-bit lock
  • Twin lock (2 double-bit locks)
  • Special coating with RAL colours
  • Key rings in 6 different colours

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