Electronic key issuing for hotels

Check in and out legally secure with the digital key manager

In order for a deal to come about, the following rule has always applied in recent years: Buyers and sellers have to come together and seal the deal with a handshake. Guest and hotelier must meet at the reception to hand over the keys. But now COVID has taught us one thing. Direct contact with the customer is not always necessary. We can also make phone calls by video or hold online meetings, we can zoom in and out. The advantages of digitization also apply to the handover of the keys. With the contactless electronic key issuing and handing over of keys, business continues with Soda (Distancing and offers maximum security for guests and staff, especially for hotels.

Lighthearted family vacation with contactless handover of keys

The COVID easing is finally bringing families who are friends together again during the holiday season. But how can the handover of keys in hotels and holiday apartments be achieved by far? With digital key handover and key issuing systems from Kniggendorf + Kögler, hotel owners can check in and out of their guests in a legally secure and contactless manner - without any handshake or risk of infection. The contactless electronic key handover offers the greatest possible flexibility, security and protection, especially for hotels.

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Digital solutions for key handover are more in demand than ever

Hoteliers are currently facing major challenges and are looking for solutions to deal with the crisis. Digital solutions are more in demand than ever. The digital key collection and delivery service from Kniggendorf + Kögler is the optimal solution for keeping your distance with customers and guests when handing over the keys. But it also offers other enormous advantages

  • Time saving
  • Direct payment
  • Key storage
  • Key tracking

Hotel owners never have to wait for late guests again, because the digital key systems work day and night. That saves costs for the staff and also offers maximum legal security in tents of contact restrictions.

Hotel owners can also regulate payment transactions with Pay and Key key systems. We have developed our own interface (cloud) for this, on which you, as the hotel owner, enter the key compartment and the invoice data. The guest then receives an email with a link to request payment by PayPal, credit card, debit or invoice. After the payment has been confirmed, the guest receives another e-mail with the key pick-up data and their own pin for their key. The guest can now pick up his key regardless of reception hours.